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LAPD officer accused to planting drugs on suspect




REUTERS/Mike Blake

The Los Angeles Police Department will investigate allegations of misconduct against at least one officer, the department said on Friday, after an attorney said video captured police putting cocaine in his client’s wallet before arresting him.

The allegations threaten to embarrass the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) at a time when civil rights activists, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, are pressuring it to more routinely release body-camera footage.

“The LAPD takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and, as in all cases, will conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether the alleged actions are supported by reliable evidence,” the department said in a statement.

Body-camera footage played in court on Thursday showed police planting drugs on an African-American man when they detained him after a vehicle collision in April, said Steve Levine, the man’s attorney.

The man, Ronald Shields, 52, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, illegally having a gun in his car and a hit-and-run vehicle collision, Levine said.

Local television station CBS 2 first reported the attorney’s allegation of drug planting and broadcast the footage.

In body-camera video from one officer, which was shown on CBS 2, the officer appeared to pick up a small bag of white powder from the street and tuck it into the suspect’s wallet.

The same officer could also be seen and heard approaching other officers to tell them cocaine was found in the wallet.

“I still don’t understand why he did it, other than maybe he just wanted to brag about it and move his career along at my client’s expense,” Levine said by phone.

The police report for the arrest said the cocaine was found in the suspect’s front pocket, not the wallet, according to CBS 2, which showed the document.

Levine could not provide the full name of the officer who he said was caught on video putting the bag of white powder in the suspect’s wallet. The attorney added he believes multiple officers were complicit.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, a labor union for officers, disputed Levine’s allegations.

“A criminal defense attorney’s selective use of body worn camera footage does not tell the entire story,” it said. “We believe the truth will be uncovered upon the completion of the internal review and we believe the officers will be vindicated.”

In Baltimore this year, prosecutors re-examined dozens of cases and dismissed some after body-worn camera footage showed police officers apparently staging the discovery of evidence.


(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis; Editing by Stephen Coates)

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YouTube enters gun control debate, bans instructional firearms videos



YouTube has become the latest battleground in the debate on United States gun control. Videos that promote or link to websites selling firearms and accessories will now be banned, including bump stocks, which allow a semi-automatic rifle to fire faster. Additionally, YouTube said it will prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms, reports Bloomberg.

Here’s the specific guidelines from YouTube:

This is not the first time YouTube has tightened its firearms policies. After the Las Vegas shooting, YouTube ruled that videos instructing how to install bump stocks fell under the category of “harmful and dangerous content.”

The policy updates shove the video-sharing website into the hostile debate on gun control, which has been reinvigorated after 17 students and faculty were killed at a Parkland, Florida high school. However, reports show gun-related deaths or injuries have occurred at high school or college campuses 1.5 per week since the beginning of the year. Among the gun-related deaths or injuries so far this year was a shooting spree on January 23 at a Kentucky middle school where 16 were shot, two of which were killed. Earlier this week, on March 20, two students were shot and injured at a Maryland high school. That shooter was killed.

Some vloggers have lashed out at YouTube for the adjusted regulations. Spike’s Tactical, a company that sells firearm parts and accessories, posted on social media that its account was suspended for its firearm videos. The suspension notice said that the account had “repeatedly or severely violated” YouTube’s community guidelines, so it’s unclear if the violations occurred before the tightened restrictions.

“The Liberal Left will slowly chip away at our freedoms and erode our rights, and the first step is to squelch our voice,” Spike’s posted in a profanity-laced rant on Facebook.

YouTube has long been criticized by gun control advocates for allowing illegal content to proliferate on the site. Just this week, YouTube kids was put on blast after a video provided its young audience with step-by-step instructions on how to create an air gun. That video, which racked up more than 3 million views, has since been removed.

Let’s see if this makes a difference.

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John Oliver’s parody book about Mike Pence’s gay bunny SOLD OUT!




John Oliver wrote a parody book about a day in the life of Vice President Mike Pence’s gay bunny. And the book sold out!

So here’s the kicker, boys and girls. Mike Pence actually has a bunny. And his name is Marlon Bundo. He’s even Insta famous, look him up. That pun is pretty fucking adorable, too. It’s also ironic, as it’s stemmed from the name of famous actor Marlon Brando, who has reportedly had a string of secret homosexual relationships, while Pence has vigorously opposed marriage equality. That being said, the VP’s daughter, Charlotte, wrote a book about about a day in the life of Marlon Bundo as he follows Pence around.

The book is illustrated by Pence’s wife, Karen, and includes historical facts intended to be educational for children.

A day before Monday’s release of “Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President,” Last Week Tonight host John Oliver announced on his show that he dropped his own Marlon Bundo book on Amazon — and that Marlon Bundo is gay. Instead of following around the VP, Marlon Bundo falls in a love with a boy in Oliver’s book.

Oliver’s book reached No. 1 on Amazon’s best-sellers list while the Pence-penned book was No. 4. And as mentioned, it’s sold out for now.

Charlotte and Karen Pence appeared on Fox Business Network together and were asked about Oliver’s parody book. Charlotte appeared mildly supportive of the gay bunny book, too, saying: “I mean, I think you know, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery in a way. But also, in all seriousness, his book is contributing to charities that I think we can all get behind. We have two books giving to charities that are about bunnies so I’m all for it really.”

An unspecified portion of the profits from the Pences’ book will go to non-controversial organizations that focus on providing art therapy to children. Meanwhile, 100 percent of proceeds from Oliver’s book are going toward AIDS United, a group dedicated to ending the AIDS epidemic in the U.S., and the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization that offers support to young LGBT community members.

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‘Sex and the City’ star is running for governor of New York



OK, Sex and the City fans, here’s a question for you: Should the person filling the role of a governor be a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte or a Samantha?

Most who have watched the show would likely say a Miranda. She was the responsible career-oriented lawyer, after all. And that just might become a reality since Cynthia Nixon, the actress who played Miranda on the beloved HBO series and movie franchise, announced Monday (March 19) her gubernatorial bid for governor of New York.

“I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor,” she tweeted Monday.

Nixon also posted a chilling video on social media with her announcement:

The Tony, Grammy and Emmy award winning actress will challenge Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Empire State’s Democratic primary in September.

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